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Fujitsu scanners are rebranding to Ricoh

Upon completion of the company’s stock transfer on September 1, 2022, PFU joined the Ricoh Group, entering the next stage in its 60+ year history. Late last month, the President of PFU in Japan, Murakami san, announced that all PFU scanners will be re-branded as Ricoh. This change will affect all fi Series, SP Series and ScanSnap models.

From March 2023, you would have seen some scanner models appear, and our website transition to add the Ricoh brand.

Here is the link to the press release issued:

We want to reassure you that it is very much business as usual; we maintain our obligation to you and your customers to continue to deliver the very same products, made in the same factories by the same workforce, across the EMEA region and around the world. In addition, model numbers, specifications, parts, warranty, and support will stay as they are today.


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