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Business Process Outsourcers

Business Process Excellence

  • Achieve faster process automation through a well laid out, customisable operational framework.

  • A comprehensive performance measurement platform ensures compliance to service and delivery standards.

  • Lower the  cost of operations by automating key elements of the process 

  • View the entire length and breadth of process to enable you to streamline the process and remove all bottlenecks.

  • Simple, easy to understand process flows allow resources to quickly get a grip of the process without the need for exhaustive training.

Maximise profit

Maximise Profit. Meet Customer Demands. Drive Competitive Edge

As an outsourcing provider, you support companies of various sizes and sectors in how they manage their operational business processes. Your clients are aiming to handle growth or peak demands, improve their service and support processes, such as shorter response/turn-around times for customer inquiries, or want to lower process-related costs. No matter which business scenario, as a BPO you must collect, classify and process large numbers of documents in any format quickly and cost-effectively.

Reliable, scalable automated document processing solutions, which are tailor-made for your clients’ special requirements and processes, can create a clear competitive edge. This way, you increase your efficiency and become an even stronger partner for your clients.o

Advantages for Your BPO Business


  • Cost-effective and fast document processing by eliminating time-consuming and error-prone manual activities for collecting, sorting and checking

  • Increased customer satisfaction through reliable automated processing “24/7” – full-week operations round the clock with fast response times

  • Enhanced process transparency and optimised monitoring

  • Reliable compliance and risk management using real-time monitoring and follow-up

  • Increased quality and accuracy of the collected data using leading recognition technologies

  • Sustainability of your investment with highly scalable solutions in terms of individual customer needs

  • Standardisation of several business processes on a unique software platform

  • Smooth integration into existing workflows through “open” platforms and process components


Scanning, Converting, Validating, Indexing and Exporting Searchable PDFs

  • Round-the-clock conversion of time-critical customer tasks

  • Decrease in scan times and reduction of costs for storage and dispatch

  • Guarantee of  highest output quality in large volume processing environments

  • Support of standard document output for the administration and archiving of folders, including
    indexation and PDF/A export

Collecting, Classifying, Extracting, Checking and Providing Data from Multi-Channel Documents

  • Increased productivity by replacing manual collection tasks with automated workflows

  • Secure delivery of high-quality information to downstream systems and workflows

  • Faster supply of information in paper and electronic documents for case management through
    inbox classification

  • Compliance and risk management using real-time monitoring and follow-up

Outsourcing of Operational Standard Processes

Regardless of whether you are a document management service provider who focuses on a customer’s special operational process, or an outsourcing provider who covers a complete end-to-end business process, CSG’s solutions enable you as a service partner to relieve your customers’ current business meaningfully and cost-effectively. This allows them to concentrate on their core business.

Our solutions can be applied cost-effectively and for all clients for scalable standard processes such as:

  • Accounting

  • Procurement

  • Payroll, including reporting and printing

  • HR administration, recruiting

  • Customer service and support, customer experience management

  • Document management

  • Scanning and archiving tasks

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