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Operate more efficiently while reducing costs

  • Enforce quality, traceability of raw materials, and product safety

  • Improve engineering processes

  • Decrease operational costs

  • Ensure compliance with standards and regulations

  • Improve time to market

Better insights

Better insights and bigger impact.

Can you see the full picture of your manufacturing operations? Not if you’re using manual steps to bridge the gap between paper and digital information. When there’s a disconnect between your people and critical information, employee productivity and customer service pay the price.

CSG's solutions for manufacturing transform your processes for better insight and control so you can make improvements that have an impact.




Contract Review

  • Faster quote-to-order cycle times

  • Instantly accessible reference documentation for future access.

Customer Orders

  • Increased productivity

  • Increased accuracy

  • Readily accessible order documentation for tracking

  • Rapid customer chargeback investigation support.

Purchase Orders

  • Print, import, or scan purchase order directly into our solution

  • Acquire and attach order acknowledgement

  • Automatically notify appropriate personnel as to completed purchase submission.

Work Orders

  • Dispatch Work Order Documents

  • Provide instant access to supporting SOPs and other supporting documentation

  • Capture all shipping documents and attach to in-process Work Order for instant visibility throughout organisation.

Quality Document Management

  • Print, import, or scan and secure QC documents directly into our solutions

  • Automatically notify appropriate personnel as to new or updated QC documentation

  • Instantly access most current SOPs and up-to-date inspection reports throughout organisation.

Accounts Payable

  • Receive all AP invoices automatically into CSG's solutions via email, import or scanning

  • Send notifications to all required parties automatically

  • Instantly access all supporting documentation (PO, Delivery Ticket, etc.)

  • Gather all necessary approvals simultaneously and move right to completed and paid invoice

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