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Focus on Quality

Our focus on quality starts with the planning of your project. All of our processes are designed to maintain a high degree of accuracy throughout the process.



Experience Counts

We have been in the scanning and microfilm business for over 30 years and have scanned and converted millions of images in that time. We are ready to bring this experience to your imaging project.


Data Security

Maintaining the confidentiality of your records is of the highest importance at our company. That is why all new employees must pass background checks. All documents are transported in our own trucks with our own drivers to provide added security. Our facility is access-controlled and equipped with video surveillance. Our IT systems utilize advanced security systems and software and are regularly audited by third parties.

Scanning Service


Data captured by us can be provided in a wide range of formats, able to be used in most systems (even any bespoke solutions you may have), as well as inegrating with our Document Management and Data Capture solutions.

Data Capture
CanoFile Conversion
Archive Box Storage
Installation and Training
Hardware and Software Support
Scanner hire

Document Scanning

Let CSG take the headache out of you document digitisation process. We have over 30 years experienced in handling large bulk processing of backlogs / archives as well as live environment document processing where we can digitise your mail or extract the data from your purchase invoices.

Large Format Scanning


We maintain the latest technology in house to digitise your large format documents such as Maps, Blueprints, Engineering drawings and Plans, meaning that you don’t have to purchase costly dedicated scanners and software.

You can then improve revision cycles, transform drawings into CAD models and retrieve information across your network.

Microfilm Scanning



 We have been in the microfilm business for over 30 years – archiving information to microfilm and now, digitally converting information from 16mm or 35mm microfilm, microfiche, COM fiche and aperture cards.

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Invoice Data Capture

Most companies still require staff to manually type invoice information into accounting solutions. This is time consuming, expensive and it is difficult to maintain accuracy.

Our data capture service use tried and tested software and processes, able to accurately capture invoice data, compare this with order details (if available) and then provide this in a format that can be uploaded into your own solution.

Forms Data Capture

Do you want to capture data from hand-written forms or questionnaires without manual keying?


Our team provide a turnkey service to organisations who use surveys and questionnaires on both small or large scale. Gathering data using paper forms and questionnaires can be a critical process to gain feedback from your customers and understand your client’s requirements and needs.

We can also, as part of our data capture services, help to design your forms to maximise the end user experience and provide the most accurate results.

Full Text OCR

Our optical character recognition (OCR) scanning service uses leading OCR software to identify typed text within digital images and convert it into usable digital text, which can be added to digital archives as metadata and searched against.

OCR is invaluable in making the information within digitised magazine, journal and newspaper collections far more accessible and making information retrieval much faster.

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CanoFile Optical Disk Conversion

Our CanoFile Optical Disk conversion service allows the proprietary format CanoFile information to be imported into a modern information management system, giving you the network access, electronic audit controls and backup facilities that come with having images and meta data in industry standard formats.

The CanoFile optical disks themselves are now beginning to degrade with the passage of time and, with corruption of just one sector usually rendering the entire disk unreadable, having them converted is not something to put off.

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Archive / Box Storage

CSG provides secure storage facilities for hard-copy documents for various companies across the UK with our storage services configured to meet your company’s business and compliance requirements.

There are four main advantages of using our document storage services:

  • Increased office space

  • Increased workflow and employee efficiency

  • Ensure document security

  • Reduced Operating Costs

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Consultancy / Advice Service

Formulating a strategy to manage the life cycle of your documents can be difficult and frequently companies do not have the internal skills required to do this. Employing the services of a CSG consultant to audit your document management processes and archives gives a more independent assessment backed by the experience of many years operational and implementation experience in areas including:

  • Document capture processes

  • Workflow applications

  • Information taxonomy and search methodology

  • Electronic Document and Records Management

  • Integrated Document Management

  • Information Life-cycle Management

  • Enterprise Content Management

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We offer a complete installation service, individually designed for each customer. This service includes the planning meetings and data gathering, the creation of detailed plans and the installation of the server, clients and modules.

Our highly trained technicians ensure that your specific solution is installed in the most efficient format possible, minimising costs and inconvenience and ensuring it is installed and configured correctly on your platform.

If not installed by us, the software and platform would need to undergo a 'software health check' prior to any support contract being activated.


We take great care to ensure that our solutions are configured for your organisation and are clearly understood by all those who are using them. Training is critical in helping to achieve this objective by delivering a sound understanding of the software's extensive capabilities. Trained by CSG experienced trainers, delegates acquire a level of expertise enabling them to use their knowledge in-house to:

  • Teach the systems to other staff members of your company.

  • Extend the use of the software to other areas of the business.

  • Accelerate your return on investment.

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Hardware / Software Support

Protect and extend your software and/or hardware investment with a support  plan, helping you reduce the time, resources, effort, and cost of operating your solution.


  • Hardware (Document, Large Format, Microfilm, Cheque and Network Scanners)

  • Software (Document Management, Data Capture and Business Processing software)


We also offer Out of Contract Support, Remote Support and Remote Administration

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Scanner Hire

Get the technology and experience you need, when you need it, at an affordable monthly price.


Hiring a scanner from CSG is an affordable short-term solution to costly hardware capital expense. Being able to provide the latest scanning hardware and full service and support options is the reason so many companies choose CSG. 

Scanner rentals are available nationwide starting at 30 days.

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