Wicks and Wilson Microfilm Scanners

A complete range of microfilm digitisation solutions

After four decades in the micrographics and digitization industries, Wicks and Wilson is recognized as a world leader in the design and manufacture of micrographic scanning equipment and has a strong focus on the research and development of electronic imaging technology for scanning and retrieving all formats of microfilm (aperture cards, roll film, microfilm, microfiche, photo negatives) and other media.



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Universal Scanner
Up to 18 MP Sensor
One-button Capture
Touchscreen Interface

Multi-format scanning (Microfilm, Microfiche, Jumbo Fiche, Aperture Cards, Slides/negatives or 35mm film
Output to print / USB / email / cloud
Colour, bi-tonal & grayscale scan options
Whisper-quiet operation
Motorized roll film option with full RapidScan batch scanning
Direct output to searchable text (OCR)
Kensignton security lock
Aperture Card
'C' Series
Up to 400dpi
Up to 370 cards/hr
150 card ADF

Excellent quality image and reliability
Reduction ratio 7.5x to 36x
A0 output aperture card reader-printer function
Aperture card scanning for EDM system integration,
Printing of existing CAD files.
Aperture Card
'CS' Series
Up to 600dpi
Up to 750 cards/hr
500 card ADF

Optional automatic deskew and centering
Optional review and reject output hopper
Manual framing, cropping, deskew and rotation
Optional AGI greyscale
Supplied with SCANCARD and SMARTSCAN software for maximum user control and quality
Up to 600 dpi
Up to 350 frames/min
16mm & 35mm film

NVIDIA-based cutting edge image processing
Instant on-screen display improves productivity
Fully compatible with Virtual Scanstation – the custom off-line QA tool that dramatically enhances workflow, accuracy & productivity
Automated image location using either blip codes or document edges
Unparalleled illumination system includes holographic diffuser
Project setup feature allows settings to be saved as profiles for future jobs
Up to 600dpi
Up to 147 frames/min
Standard/Jumbo fiche

Automatically captures complete fiche or aperture cards, creating digitised greyscale & bi-tonal images simultaneously
Compatible with Virtual Fiche Scanstation, the comprehensive off-line QA tool
Specialist microfilm imaging algorithms, running on powerful multi-core nVIDIA® graphics processors
Custom lens, holographic diffuser and 12-bit camera system
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