Remote Support

For Remote Support enter the 6 digit code given to you by one of our technicians and click on 'Connect'.







This code is valid for 24h hours or one remote session. The code allows you to download a small program that makes our supporters able to control and configure your system if needed.


The remote access works on almost every system without the need of changing any security configurations on the local system or network.

Request a support code here

There’s no better way to protect and extend your software and/or hardware investment than with a support/maintenance plan. We deliver value to your organisation by helping you reduce the time, resources, effort, and cost of operating your solution.


Scanner Support

CSG provide cost effective hardware support for all of your mission critical document management hardware. We also have strong partnerships with several manufacturers lending to effective support of all of the main scanner models.

You can focus your resources on IT resources for more critical business related and IT issues such as project work while our hardware support service leaves you safe in the knowledge that even if a problem does occur you can be confident that it will swiftly be restored to service.


CSG offers various levels of hardware support depending on your requirements and type of hardware, and with a nationwide network of engineers and technical staff we are well placed to ensure that we return the piece of equipment back to service, within the agreed time frame.

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Software Support

We understand that you would like to protect your investment by having sufficient support to ensure that your mission critical software remains operational. 


To this end CSG offer a wide variety of support services, including:



Support contracts can run from 1 year to 5 years and can include all or any combination of support services, including our new Remote Administration service.


Our technicians undergo extensive and regular training and evaluation to ensure that they are able to support our solutions in all available environments, be they Microsoft, Citrix, hardware or virtual solutions.

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Out of Contract Support

Although we recommend our customers having fixed term support contract, we understand that there are circumstances where you may wish to purchase support on an ad-hoc basis when the hardware or software require maintenance.


For these customers we offer our usual 'fixed term support' for a one off hourly fee (plus parts). Our fully documented call logs ensure that you can understand exactly how our costs have been broken down and allowing you the peace of mind that you are dealing with a company with high levels of service and integrity.

As with our fixed term support contracts, all maintenance/support is carried out by relevantly trained technicians to effect a timely resolution.

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Remote Administration

We offer a solution to the ever growing burden on IT staff or departmental staff/managers, who find that their core business activities can sometimes be overtaken by the administration of a document/content management or data capture solution. Our expertise in these solutions allows us to quickly and efficiently provide administrative support for your solutions.


With remote access to the core components of the solution (similar to our remote support access) we can perform the tasks that normally take your staff away from their normal work, be that adding meta data fields, changing OCR components, altering system security, etc.


Our cost effective administration service provides you with all of the control but with none of the hassle. There is no need to have internal users trained as administrators and no time spent transferring skills and data when staff leave or change roles.


Our highly trained technicians are perfectly placed to offer a full service, administering all parts of the solutions that we provide.

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