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Accounts Payable Automation

  • Significantly reduce process time for purchase invoices

  • Automation of the entire invoice process with minimal manual input

  • Transparent, uniform processing procedures

  • Secure revision and compliance with legislation

  • Original documents can be accessed anytime, anywhere

  • Accelerated processes and integrated workflows

  • ROI can be measured in an average of 9-15 months

  • Optimised costs

EASY Invoice

Our Accounts Payable Automation (Invoice Processing) solution has been introduced to enable ERP users to derive extra value from this investment by streamlining the accounts payable (AP or “Purchase to Pay”) processes, using the latest document management technology to automate these important back-office areas, both to improve efficiency and to deliver effective cash management.


Comparison with supplier data allows for the early validation of header detail and where purchase order information is available this content can also be matched. User access and profile settings to enhance images can be set and managed centrally making this very easy to administer for both centralised and decentralised deployments.



We provide a standard invoice approval workflow that is web-enabled and is designed with a quick adoption by appearing like an email client to occasional and advanced users alike. A range of simple and complex routing scenarios can be accommodated to support data verification with the ERP business rules for “straight-through” processing of purchase order based transactions. Other content collaboration is straightforward with document drag and drop, data look up for coding, validation of goods receipting and query management. Email alerts and role substitutions are all configurable as well as support for smart mobile devices.

A MS Visio ® integration is available to extend the business process customisation which extends the opportunity to deploy automation techniques across other operations.

Approved data can be posted through a number of published ERP interfaces including SAP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics GP, SUN Systems and others using a range of application programming interfaces (APIs).



CSG provides advanced search and retrieval capability that can be embedded into the ERP application to surface posted documents, financial data and audit information supported by a number of independent accreditations including KPMG and the ICAEW that attest to the solution’s revision proof archiving. This provides the basis for acceptance with many national and international financial authorities.


Take a look at some of the published ERP interfaces

Real life benefits

Take a quick look at the 'real life' benefits of Accounts Payable Automation / Purchase to Pay solutions.

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